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Tie Department of law
- Feb 09, 2018 -

Tie is the soul of suit. To participate in formal communication activities, wearing a suit best tie, you can also choose bow tie. Tie length to the belt buckle Department is appropriate. When wearing a vest or sweater, tie should be placed behind them. Tie clip is generally sandwiched between the fourth button in the shirt.

Wear a suit, shirt sleeves should be 1-2 cm longer than the suit sleeves, collar collar should be higher than the collar about 1 cm. Shirt hem must tie into pants. If not tie, shirt collar should be open. In formal communication occasions, the best color shirt is white.

As a classic men's formal wear accessories, became the eldest men in the closet, the highest frequency of accessories. If you learn 10 kinds of tie play that will make everyone admire, introduce the top ten tie play diagram, I believe in accordance with the picture step by step decomposition steps and their diligent practice, and soon will be able to easily Get started.

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