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The origin of the tie
- Feb 09, 2018 -

The necktie is a costume accessory for the coat collar, tied in a shirt collar and knotted in the chest, in a broad sense includes a bow tie. It is often used in conjunction with suits and is the most basic piece of clothing for people (especially men) getting married and for everyday life.

Wear a formal suit, and then tie a beautiful tie, both beautiful and generous, but also gives an elegant and solemn sense, however, symbolizes the civilization of the tie, but it has never evolved from civilization. The earliest tie, dating back to the ancient Roman period. At that time, the warrior's chest was tied with a scarf, which was used to wipe the wipe cloth knife, the battle knife to the scarf on a tow, you can wipe the blood above. Therefore, most of the modern tie stripe pattern, the origin of this.

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