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Jacquard cloth and cotton which is better
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Jacquard cloth and cotton which is better
Which is better for jacquard cloth and cotton? Cotton: This fabric contains only cotton. Jacquard cloth: This is a weave. The ingredients may be polyester, cotton or blended, and of course other ingredients. Generally, cotton fabrics have an affinity with the skin, so it is better. However, there are limitations, such as the cotton's anti-wrinkle is not good. Therefore, it is easy to wrinkle. If polyester is added, the fabric will be quite crisp. Not easy to wrinkle. Therefore, each has its own merits, depending on the specific use and the needs of customers.
The unique texture of the jacquard fabric is soft, delicate and comfortable to lubricate. The gloss is high, the drape of the jacquard fabric is high, and the air permeability of the sheet is good. The pattern of the large jacquard fabric is large and exquisite, the color layer is distinctly three-dimensional, and the pattern of the small jacquard fabric is relatively simple and relatively simple.

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