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Effect of yarn on textile products
- Feb 09, 2018 -


The structural characteristics of the yarn and the warm clothing has a certain relationship, because the structure of the yarn determines the formation of static air layer between the fibers.

Yarn fluffy structure, the fabric more gaps, the formation of air layer, no wind, more static air, better warm; and wind, the air can pass smoothly between the yarns, so the cooling is better.

For the structure of the yarn, woven fabric structure is also relatively close, so the air flow is blocked, better thermal retention; and the structure is too tight, the air trapped in the fabric to reduce the reduction of static air, then the Warmth is poor.

2. Hygroscopicity

The hygroscopicity of the yarn depends on the fiber properties and the yarn structure. If the filament yarn is smooth, woven fabric easily affixed to the body, if the fabric is relatively tight, moisture is difficult to penetrate the fabric. Furry yarn surface yarn, reducing contact with the skin, improve breathability, so that wearing comfortable.

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